Fall- Seeding Cover Crop


Seeded cover crop today. Out at the farm in the early morning. Stuck in traffic on my way from Oakland to Sunol. Drumming my thumbs on the wheel. The sun coming up, cool light of fall. The crows at the farm chasing the hawks. Talking with fellow farmers about this life on the farm. The hills turning a bit of green. Hopefully more rain on the way. The land mostly clear of crops. Seeded with cover crop- beans, grasses, vetch and peas or left fallow to work on getting the bermuda grass out. 

An acre with no crops looks big to me. Next year- shaped beds and crops. How it all happens. This life as a farmer. The wind and sun and dirt under my nails. Carrying a bag on my shoulder full of seed. Wondering to myself if I seeded well. Time will tell. Jim with the disc and ring roller turning the seed into the soil. Looks so easy to drive, wish I had my own tractor. Or something to move all these implements across the fields. 

Talked with farmers about the stresses of farming. So many things to do, and so little margin for financial stability.