On being a Farmer

Notes from Richard Wiswall’s book- The Organic Farmers Business Handbook 11/5/14

Farm Gate Flow: in gate, and out gate flow

- Mineral dollars, paper dollars, solar dollars

100$ left what would I do

buy some seed....

Personal values:

self respect, (responsibility, personal growth) creativity
affection, (collaboration, family)

economic security, ((order)) social service

wisdom, (intellectual stimulation, stimulating/ challenging experiences)

trust, (social recognition, power– (non-hierarchical organizing)) In my life I want to have self-respect and confidence and make decisions based on respect for myself and others and from a place of kind-heartedness. May this lead to being truly present to my life and what's happening around me, and meeting myself and others where we are; being present, enjoying, and sitting within the challenges, heartbreak, and sadness of the world. I wish to use my creative understanding of the world around me in this way challenging myself to use all of my excitement and wisdom of life (may this include understanding power structures, history and healing in our world). I would like to enjoy my life; have a healthy lifestyle- eat well and with others, cook often, get exercise, dance, and rest. I wish this for myself and the world. I hope for health for everyone and for the world in all meanings of the word health. Also I wish for economic health for myself and others. And I hope to be involved in non-hierarchical work places. (( work hard and enjoy my work, and also not work too many hours so I have time to be present with my life and the world, and walk, dance, eat well and be with family, friends, and strangers. ))

How does farming help realize my personal goals?

Work that feels good, takes as best care of the land as I can, and provides for others, and nourishes some creativity in me. Working for myself, making my own decisions, being respected by others and having self respect. Working in relation to the seasons, working outside!! Work that hopefully makes my body and mind feel alive. I know I don't want to work at a desk all day or in a school class all day. I don't believe that's what our bodies and minds were meant to do. I know this is not good for my mind and body either. I know I need economic return on my work.