Crop planning...

Balance. Discerning when to keep going and when to quit, and when to just get things done! Myself and Jerlina both working on our crop plans. Sitting quietly for a moment, to gather steam, or.. just remember to be here. not in all the forms and shapes of future. Crop planning - future flowers, and knowing I have a plan and I won’t stick to it, at least not entirely. and.. crop plans are somewhat intuitive. Takes some … getting to know of things, that i cannot necessarily know yet. the weeds, the sun, the soil.. the harvest, the market.. 

Planning a business and all the things that come with that. Website, cards, fliers, … accounting. Running into a fellow farmer at a coffee shop, where I met my mom to talk over accounting and things. Good people in my life.

Drinking espresso and crop planning with a friend. encouraging one another. hugs, kisses, hellos, mandolins, beers, walking. What moves you? My legs I say!

A dinner with a group of farmer friends. All finding our own ways to grow things. Non- profit work, starting a business, working for someone else. what is it that drives each of us? and here we are in winter, eating and drinking and talking about our lives.

Words of encouragement. … The moon and sun this morning over Oakland. Full moon setting and full sun rising. City buildings in the quiet of early morning. Not many out yet. Still. I walk on home. Home. 

The sun is down now. And I am tired. My brain saturated. I hope I accomplished something today.