Jewish Farmer

I walked into Afikomen on Claremont. I spoke with the owner. He’s excited about my farm and supporting local businesses. I spoke with him about my grandparents who survived the war in hiding in Poland.

A book stood out on the shelves. A graphic novel about two Parisian Jew’s third generation, returning to Poland. A town that was spelled similar to the town my Grandpa is from. Zlochev. but this was spelled Zlochaw. or something like that. He mentioned a few other things, a Russian Jew who had bred and saved pomegranate varieties from Turkey but then fled the Soviet Union when Communisim collapsed. He told me about Noah’s wife, Naamah, who was the seed saver. and also Eli Talks, and Mi Polan. so interesting. the lives of third generation holocaust survivors.

How I came to farming. In part as a way to heal the traumas of the past.