beautiful, delicious dirt. Dirt, soil, you just want to roll around in. fluffy brown soil. 
Jim on the tractor, mowing, disking, shaping beds. 
wow. in an hour and a half. all is said and done. and now the rains are coming. 
and the 17 beds are almost ready to plant. cover crop taken down. roots and green stems plowed under. food for the soil for all the microbes. delicious.

and me- sort of like this maybe. trying to stay like a well worked soil. not too compacted, and trying not to drive in high gear or at all when I am tired or just need a break.

staying open to what will come, I don’t know. and trying to imagine a full field of flowers!

all the soil critters, and fungi, and root exudates, and all the insects that will come and feed upon the flowers. and all the humans that will look upon and smell the flowers in their homes…

intricate process of farming. 
intricate process of staying tuned to what’s happening. Being ready to plant when the timing is right, and ready to weed when a flush comes up. 
and trying to plan for what is next knowing we cannot really know.
that is i think a true art.