February Full Moon

Full MOOn!!

Full moon February.
surrounded by seed catalogues, papers, pencil markings, notes, farm maps, questions. a jumble of thoughts, papers, decisions, tasks, seeds.

Full moon 
rising over the steeple
reflected in the lake. along with all the lights of the city. Oakland.
the walkers, joggers, lovers out for a stroll, the dreamers, and screamers

Full moon
The night herons! it’s your time it seems. we walk and notice a night heron every few feet, standing so still by the lakes edge. not bothered one bit by all the people and dogs. So engaged and so still. And then- with a strange howl you lift off into the night. where are you going I wonder. to mate? to catch something?

the night herons. the crumudgeny looking ones. you can shrink your head so, and then stretch out long. like waking up from a nap. 
your wings out one and then the other.
night heron full moon

Lake Merritt

white blossoming trees- plums? all around the city. and the redbud just pushing out. sap beginning to flow. February. 
no rain for the whole month of January. and now you come again!

Yesterday Jim out on the tractor, mowing and disking. perfect soil moisture is such a delight. especially when you are driving around with wheels like that!

ah the soil, and the rhizobium nodules!

Full moon February. come now rain. Spring on the horizon. longer days. and so much to prepare for as Spring approaches. and the growing season will begin again in full! 
how it happens this way.

Happy Full MOON. 
to taking care, walking the lake, the blossoms, and birds and all the little and big people!