Following the flowers

one thing to the next. sun’s out, coming through the window. slow down, if only for a moment. 
so sweet this life can be.

the people on the street, the flowers growing everywhere, backyards and alleyways.

redbud full bloom. why this one and not the others.

you make my heart leap. or something like that.
just make me want to cry out. 
and the bee’s there too. I like following the flowers and the bee’s do too.
I want to stay there a minute. warm my hands and my heart next to you redbud. 
your sap flowing, and flowers open. leguminous plant. that fixes nitrogen in the soil! and makes such crazy pink, red, blossoms.

how can you not fall in love. 
with redbud.

relationships with plants. makes me squirm and wriggle 
and want to rest there for a moment. 
and search more
inquire into this life