New Year. Getting things done. Or trying to. Showing a friend around the farm. The soil still wet and the cover crop growing. Cool January Day. Dipping into the 20’s at night. The ground in the morning- covered in a layer of white frost. Helena says lets come early, grab some coffee and watch as the frost disappears with the sunshine. 

An acre, a plot of dirt, some grass, weeds, cover crop. Blue grass, Helena tells me. I am reassured, no, not the Bermuda. “Blue grass dies back in the summer.” Oh perfect! I think. A weed I don’t have to worry too much about. And will add biological activity and organic matter to the soil. Those are the kinds of weeds I want. The ones that help out, and you don’t have to weed them. Farming, takes some act of faith, or something like that. To see an open field and imagine in a few short months it will take an entirely different form at least from the naked eye. A field of small cover crop will, hopefully, turn into a field of flowers by mid-summer or earlier. But that too is what makes farming so exciting. I am always surprised by what happens, the growing, the changing, the cycles. It’s hard to imagine this winter field as the summer field of flowers I hope it will be. And then in summer, you think back, or you don’t, it just happens, and I am still always impressed! Seeds, sunshine, organic matter, water, weeding, long days of work, …. Farming life. 

My friend and I drove down the rode to the Sunol/Ohlone Wildnerness area. Got a lost in brambles and poison oak along the creek, but eventually made our way up a trail that overlooked “Little Yosemite.” As we approached the sound of the water getting louder and louder, green and rock, and a long cliff wall. And many hikers below. The cows too, mamas and calves, and the bull. Brendan went a mooing to one of the cows, but she started at us, and we backed up off the trail and made our way around. Muddy trails, frogs, cows, weeds, people. Will I make time in the Summer to hike like this!