Oak- Land

I went to the Oakland Museum last night. I saw the long roots of a native bunch grass! and pictures of Oakland’s oak tree’s from the late 1800’s. The land here used to be covered in Oak trees! It saddened me to remember this history. And then there are still the birds that plant the oaks and many of us that care for the ones that are left and keep on planting. I wonder what the Sunol land was like a hundred years ago, two hundred years ago. Brendan has two baby oak tree’s he’s caring for in his backyard. I hope Oakland keeps more land for planting oak trees and for farms and gardens. And that everyone remembers what this land used to be. I want to continue learning more about our California history from the way it was and is managed by the numerous indigenous communities and the creative ways we can manage going forward. And continue to demand more land be managed for soil and not developed.

 - for plants and all of us to grow.