Driving to the farm. the hills are turning brown. But then at the farm they are still green.

I haven’t been this tired in a while. I suppose it must be accumulated tiredness. 
Today walked the farm with a school group. Touched the soil, my favorite thing to do. Ate mustard flowers and looked at aphids and lady bug larvae. Watched hawks, vultures, and swallows! The first swallows I have seen this year. Kim said they are tree nesting swallows.

Still seeding away. Slowly but surely things will come together, plants will grow.

This is the first year I have commuted to work. Life is a bit better when all we do is walk. But sometimes vehicles are useful. Maybe I can find a way to take the train. 6 miles by bicycle from the station. 

I walked the Lake this evening. The cool life around me. Nothing but my feet, the air and all the people enjoying the night breeze too. 

Busy. but it depends on how you look at it. Busy. 
it’s not all work in a way. because I want to be doing what I am doing.

So, what of it. 
make it happen

Brendan over, we eat pretzels and lie on the kitchen floor and try not to feel paralyzed by the weight of the world around us. by climate change, and all the messed up things going on
how to even relate
maybe that’s it too. a matter of relationship to what’s happening.
how can we even begin to talk about what’s happening. 
what do we say

gibberish songs flow. 
because then it’s just the pure- sound, the rhythm nothing too much to think about. just the way the words or not words sound. 

like a prayer.