April 3rd

I think it’s time to start wearing gloves at least some of the time. My hands so cracked and dry. But I do love having my hands in compost and dirt. Sometimes gloves are a nuisance anyway.  I never have worn them much. 

Spread compost by the bucket full yesterday on 8 beds. Pulled the tricky roots of bindweed and started in on some of the bermuda grass. Hmm, somehow being an organic farmer you got to find a happy medium with the weeds. Have respect for them. Try and stay on top of them, and also know when enough is okay. 

Tomorrow more compost to be spread and gypsum too. Talking with other farmers about our soil test. To spread gypsum or Ag Lime? The yolo loam soil we have is low in calcium and high in magnesium. Maybe some rain next week. And then going to plant in the field! And then it'll just keep going like that

 planting, seeding, weeding, harvesting.... going to market, and selling.

Today I remembered how long pricking out takes. I have too many little plants to prick out. But somehow I’ll get to it. And if not they will get big in their trays. Today pricked out dusty miller, sweet william, clarkia, floss flower and maybe a few more. Moved globe amaranth flats outside along with celosia. They'll be hardened off and ready to plant next week.

It’s good to come home after a day of work. I closed my eyes a bit while walking home from my car. Ah, so nice and funny. I am just tired enough to sleep while walking or at least rest my eyes. Not all from working. Went camping last night at Lake Chabot. Walked around with the moon, saw flowering saxifrage and ocean spray (holodiscus bicolor)! woke up to wild turkeys- a big one too, looked good for the eating. Brendan almost made a fire from a stick and piece of cedar. Ate gordos burritos and sesame balls. Looked out over the Bay!

almost the full moon.