In the Greenhouse


Today in the greenhouse

Looking around at all the green plants I couldn’t help but feel a little bit like a crazy plant lady. What do I think I am doing anyway with all these plants. Surrounding me like madness. But then again- it’s perfectly great! 

I took a short break to get water from the kitchen where KT was busy working. Their house on the outside is old and a bit falling apart. But the inside is some sort of perfection too. Slab of stone on the wall and counter, flowers, jars, stove. Too, the compost toilet buckets just sitting right on the deck. It would be easy enough for the neighbors to see you going poo. Doug was so happy yesterday when I needed to use it. I had to break it to him that I am used to composting toilets nd in fact also love them. I lamented to him that I can’t have one because I live in an apartment building and he told me straight away I could bring my poo to their compost pile anytime. Well it’s just then about convincing my sister to put the sawdust bucket in our bathroom. 

I am so grateful to use the greenhouse at Doug and KT’s! The beautiful eccentric place they have created over the past forty years.

The eight year old chickens that KT hand feeds because one of them lost her beak. But yes I am surprised they still lay eggs! And the cement hot tub and 30 year old glass greenhouse where all these baby plants live happily for now! The next door neighbor who is often out cleaning the yard and her granddaughter excited about watching squirrels. 

And then me busy away in the greenhouse like a mad woman that I am. Pricking out little plants into bigger flats finding room for them somehow. Sifting through boxes of seeds to find the right ones. My hands deep in the potting mix trying to get it all just right. The music on or radio. Friends dropping by. Eating chocolate and hard boiled eggs and matzah. Lying against the greenhouse a bit exhausted.

KT tells me when I mention my sort of mad plant ness something to the like of

build your dream, for their is too much straightness in our society. And it’s all gonna come crashing down sooner than later anyway. 

Hmm, yeah, reminding myself of what I am building, in this mad world we live in. A little farm of flowers! A fun thought anyway, me, all these plants and flowers. If nothing else at least a little bit of mad wonder- full beauty in our crazy world.

Now home, after eating leftover brisket and haroset from passover. the rain maybe coming. a storm they say. This will delay my first planting but it’s definitely for the best.