Equniox and Full Moon

Hello Spring, hello rain!

Equinox, Super moon

grateful for your presence

when it feels like all else is falling to pieces

I know you will come again each year

May we still have rains, and soil, and sunlight, and air, and each other

May I take care of the ground beneath my feet

May I greet you Spring

Warmth, heart, joy, pleasure, love

I greet myself upon awakening

and then flowers, friends, lovers,

The anticipation. What will become of this year? of me of the planet of the crops in the ground?

March 20th

Spiders in irrigation boxes, sweet pea planting, nails cracked from dirt. Anxiety, flamenco practices, drums, beyond beyond

trying to grasp hold of my life


before I run off or time or life runs off with me

So here I stop fro a moment and greet you Spring!

May we all have a moment, to stop, greet one another, the moon, the sun, reflect

May we all have a warm place to gather, to eat, to sleep

Oh Spring, what is in the waiting.

So much to come