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We will be hiring for the 2019 season! Please check back shortly for info / keep in touch!!

About Bluma

Bluma Farm is in its fifth season of production. Bluma will be moving to a rooftop farm in Berkeley! The rooftop is around 7,000 square feet of production space. Bluma grows over 50 varieties of cut flowers and sells weekly to grocery stores and florists. Bluma also does design work for weddings and events and does weekly arrangements for restaurants and offices.

Bluma Farm was founded in the fall of 2014 by Joanna Letz. Joanna is committed to farming organically and providing high quality, organic flowers to the local market. She enjoys having friends, customers, and students visit her farm.

Bluma Farm is in production about half of the year.  The farm has in the past employed up to 5 people during the height of the summer season. At Bluma you can expect to work hard, drink strong coffee and lots of water, and enjoy an abundance of blooms.