The Flowers:

At Bluma we grow over 50 varieties of flowers! 

I post lots of photos of the farm and the flowers on instagram. Head over there to see! 



I am passionate about plants and flowers.  I love the weedy flowers and the wild look of certain plant families. I grow lots of different types of grasses for all my florist friends! 

I love the umbel family which includes some vegetable plants and herbs such as dill, and Cilantro.

I also love growing other herbs and grow basil for their spiky flower heads, and sweet aroma, as well as other medicinal and edible plants such as calendula, anise hyssop, yarrow, feverfew, and bachelor buttons.

I am passionate about growing plants for seed and hope to soon be breeding specific crops for desirable colors and other traits.

With over 50 varieties of flowers you have lots to choose from!