The Flowers:

In Joanna’s first season she plans on growing over sixty different varieties of flowers with an attempt to see what grows best in the specific Micro-climate of the Sunol Ag Park. Joanna loves plants and is excited to be growing so many different types of plants and flowers. Joanna will be offering flowers of all shapes, sizes, textures and colors to create unusual, attractive, and enjoyable bouquets

Joanna is passionate about plants and flowers. Joanna loves the weedy flowers and the wild look of certain plant families. 

Joanna is excited to grow many other heat loving flowers such as the celosias, gomphrenas and statice. And of course too-  the many colors of zinnias, cosmos, snapdragons, and marigolds. Joanna also plans to grow the more unusual plants in the thistle family known as echinops and erynigium. As well as the green flowers of Bells of Ireland and other greenery plants like Eucalyptus and Euphorbia.

She will also be growing some popcorn varieties for their distinct ears and delicious flavor and a few varieties of winter squash for their unique look and taste as well. She’ll be growing some peppers as additions to bouquets for their interesting texture. 

Joanna loves the umbel family which includes some vegetable plants and herbs such as dill, and Cilantro.

She will be growing dill, cilantro, and diferent varieties of Ammi and Daucus which are plants that have been bred specifically for cut flower production featuring umbels of white, green and purple. Joanna also loves growing other herbs and this year will be growing many varieties of basil for their spiky flower heads, and sweet aroma, as well as sage, and other medicinal plants such as calendula, anise hyssop, yarrow, and feverfew.

Joanna is passionate about growing plants for seed as well as growing grain crops.

This year she will be growing a few popcorns, broom corns, millets, and a few varieties of wheat including ‘Utrecht Blue’ a 4 row blue grey spring wheat with black awns and ‘Black Eagle’ a black tinted 6-row spring wheat with long awns. She will also be growing many varieties of amaranth as additions to her cut flower repertoire. She will be growing flax, cress, poppies, and nigella for their seed pods.


There’s something here for everyone! With over 60 varieties of plants they are not even all named here!! Tune into the blog, website or join the CSA and find Bluma at a farmers market to see what’s in season throught the Spring, Summer and Fall.