I grew up in Oakland and Berkeley. I wanted to come back to my East bay roots to live and farm.

I currently live in Oakland and farm in Sunol. The Sunol Ag Park is a great resource for small beginning farmers. This is part of what attracted me to the land. As well, the Ag Park is close to my home of Oakland and has great Yolo-Loam soil! The land is unique being on the "urban-fringe" and it hosts seven other farmers. The land itself is unique in being owned by the San Francisco Water District and managed by the Alameda Resources and Conservation District (ACRCD). 

At the Ag Park I have the opportunity to collaborate with the other farmers as well as work with Ag Advisor and Farm Mentor Jim Leap.  Jim Leap has been hired through a USDA Beginning Farmer and Rancher grant to help farmers at the Ag Park with various needs, from soil questions to crop plans.

Bluma means Flower in Yiddish. I remember my grandparents speaking to each other in Yiddish and someday I hope to take Yiddish classes.