"Know your farmer know your flowers!"

 Support our local economy and help revitalize local organic agriculture. Support small businesses and new farmers. Support healthy communities and a healthy land. 

Most of our flowers bought from stores and florists come from other countries using lots of fossil fuels to get here. Many flowers are grown in places where there are no regulations on use of pesticides and herbicides harmful to farmworkers and to the land.

Let flowers represent not only beauty in and of themselves but also the integrity with how they are grown, harvested, and delivered. Support local organic agriculture. Help revitalize our local agriculture and economy. I hope you all can share and be inspired by my passion for farming, plants and of course flowers. 

When you buy flowers for your loved ones let it be more than a flower- let it represent healthy local systems- economy, land, seeds, and people!! In essence when we give flowers to our friends and families and strangers it is an act of giving and of kindness. Let this act extend to supporting local organic agriculture and working towards taking care of the land for our future generations!

For more information on the flower industry check out Amy Stewarts book, "Flower Confidential."