The farm and the flowers support vast numbers of pollinators and insects that come to feed on the nectar and pollen. By buying Bluma’s flowers you are supporting local, sustainable agriculture and helping to preserve biodiversity! 

By selling flowers I hope to bring the abundance and beauty of flowers to everyone.


Welcome to Bluma Farm! I started the farm in the fall of 2014. I grow certified organic flowers on 2 acres in Sunol. I am grateful to be part of the “slow flower movement,” that is taking shape across the U.S. My farm is also part of “urban- edge” farming. Bluma is uniquely located at the Sunol Ag Park in Sunol, CA. The Ag Park is in Alameda County just 30 miles South East of Oakland, California where I was born and raised. The land, a total of 18 acres, is owned by the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) and is managed by the Alameda Resources and Conservation District (ACRCD). Currently the Ag Park is home to six farmers including Bluma. The land is also home to the Sunol Water Temple.

I grow over 50 varieties of crops! I offer flowers of all shapes, sizes, textures and colors to create unusual, attractive, and enjoyable flowers and bouquets.

I am committed to growing high quality, certified organic flowers. 

In starting Bluma Farm, I hope to bring local certified organic  flowers into more people’s lives. Often people think of flowers as something for special occasions but I hope to bring flowers into people’s lives not just as a celebration of a specific event but also a weekly invitation to enjoy flowers in the home or workplace.